Nick Cannon NetWorth

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Nick Cannon Net Worth

Nick Cannon Net Worth – An American reality TV series ‘America’s Got Talent’ forward with the stunning displays, the previous host seized the public attention. But the sad news was, the host retired from the post after his NBC comments in 2016.

nick cannon net worth

nick cannon net worth

Now, we are going to talk a multi-faceted artist, Nick Cannon who is popular in every field from moving to rapper and his net worth stood to take a hit. Nick is a rapper, comedian, television personality, actor and has published a total of two records and made his presentation in numerous movies and television shows.

It’s has been over two decades, he is working music industry as a rapper and generator. Not just in rap, he has excelled in every area from acting to hosting and earned millions of net worth. He is the director of TeenNick for Nickelodeon has improved Nick’s net worth.

But what’s the figure of the rapper net worth and salary?

Nick Cannon Career

Born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, Nick Cannon got up in Lincoln Park’s housing projects. The loss of a friend led him to quit the street gang life and turn over a new leaf.

After graduating high school, Cannon got his first break doing stand-up comedy on his father’s local cable access show. When he moved to Hollywood, he worked at famous venues like The Laugh Factory, The Improv, and The Comedy Store.

nick cannon net worth

nick cannon net worth

He would go on to form a rap trio, Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad, that started for artists like Will Smith and 98 Degrees. He hired a recording deal with Jive Records in 2001 and featured on the soundtrack of the Nickelodeon animated series Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. He subsequently published a self-titled debut album in 2003.

Cannon founded his record label, Can-I-Ball Records, in 2005. But, in 2009, he’d cancel Can-I-Ball and set up N’Credible Entertainment. Under a parody persona, Slick Nick, he published several songs through his new label, including one of his earliest diss tracks aimed at Eminem, “I’m a Slick Rick.”

Nick Cannon has published several songs and mixtapes over the years. But none have been a viral topic like his Eminem diss records, including the recent “The Invitation” and “Pray for Him.”

Is Nick Cannon Businessman?

This multi-hyphenate skillfully improved his career with some smart business deals and endorsements. He went from being the youngest TV writer at 17 on Nickelodeon’s All That to becoming the chairman and creative consultant of TeenNick, which he credits for presenting him a savvy businessperson.


Nick Cannon Net Worth Comparison

Celebrity Net Worth
Mariah Carey $320.0 million
Eminem $230.0 million
Nick Cannon $50.0 million
50 Cent $30.0 million
Robin Thicke $15.0 million
Jenny McCarthy $14.0 million
Ken Jeong $14.0 million

Nick Cannon Facts & Details

Full Name Nicholas Scott Cannon
Age 38 years
Birth Date October 08, 1980
Birth Place San Diego, California, United States
Parents James Cannon and Beth Gardner
Profession Actor, singer, rapper, entrepreneur
Education Monte Vista High School
Year Active 1998–present
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Salary $10 million
Net Worth $50 million

Televisions and Movies Details

At the age of 17, he became the youngest staff editor in the television production for his comedy sketches. From 2005 to 2007, Canon ran a comedy sketch show Wild & Out on MTV for a total of 4 seasons. In 2009, he joined the reality show America’s Got Talent, served as a host until 2016. At the time, he stated that he would not be back in 2017 because of differences between him and executives at NBC.

nick cannon movies

nick cannon movies

His other movies and televisions credits are; Goal II: Living the Dream, Nick Cannon: The Vlad Couch, Garfield: The Movie, Love & Hip Hop, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Up All Night, Real Partners of Hollywood, and more. Currently, the rapper is hosting an American reality singing contest television series The Masked Singer which aired on Fox on January 2, 2019.

Why does nick cannon wear a turban?
“It is my crown, I feel like a king, I feel royal out here,” Nick told the main reason holding his talent for wearing turbans in an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show. As he went on to describe, turbans have many advantages. Not only are they much practical, but they’re versatile too. “When I’m with the kids, I can just throw one on,” Nick told Ellen, before continuing that “Throw a diamond in on there now and then, feel your blood out”.
Nick Cannon has an excellent eye when it comes to styling turbans. Let’s take his ideas on Masked Singer, for example. In Season 1, he became heads by joining a crimson, sparkly turban with a suit adorned with a sketchy, Yves Klein blue, blood-red colored pattern.

Why does nick cannon wear a turban

Why does nick cannon wear a turban?

In Season 2, he gave us another taste of his unique color coordination works by pairing a tight-fitting, iridescent, hounds tooth-patterned suit with a toned-down, more minimalistic black turban. As to his craziest ensemble so far? It has to be a purple, animal-patterned, bright suit jacket that would make Prince explode with jealousy, which he paired with silver loafers. The most beautiful part of the company? The silver turban that perfectly matched the shoes.

how old is nick cannon
Nick Cannon is 39 years old. Nick Cannon was born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, the USA as Nicholas Scott Cannon. He is a producer and writer, known for Drumline (2002), Bobby (2006) and Men in Black II (2002). He was previously married to Mariah Carey.

how tall is nick cannon
Nick cannon is 1.83 m tall.

nick cannon movies
Whatever It Takes
Men in Black II
Love Don’t Cost a Thing
Garfield: The Movie
Shall We Dance?
Roll Bounce
Even Money
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit
Monster House
Goal II: Living the Dream
American Son
Day of the Dead
Ball Don’t Lie
The Killing Room
School Girls
Drumline: A New Beat
School Dance
King of the Dancehall
Nick Cannon: The Vlad Couch

Does nick cannon play the drum?
Nick Cannon, who makes his motion picture starring appearance in Fox’s just-released ‘Drumline’ is well-known as the star (as well as the director and executive producer) of his own Nickelodeon series, ‘The Nick Cannon Show,’ now in its first year on the popular cable network. The multi-faceted Cannon began performing as a youngster, dabbling in drums, harmonica, and synthesizers at the age of eight. He soon mastered song-making and recorded his first child-inspired compositions on his boom box. Before hitting his teen years, Cannon began performing his music and comedy routines on the stage. He then founded his San Diego-based rap duo, Da Bomb Squad.

Does nick cannon play the drum?

Does nick cannon play the drum?

Cannon headed to Hollywood at age sixteen and quickly settled plum assignments at such famous venues as The Improv, The Laugh Factory, and The Comedy Store – performing beside the likes of Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, and Damon Wayans. The production took notice of this rising new talent, with Cannon winning the gig as a warm-up act for Nickelodeon’s long-running hit series, ‘All That.’ The show’s producers recognize that Cannon’s talent belonged in front of the cameras and soon made him a series regular and co-host of the cable network’s “All That Musical Festival and More” 47-city tour. His later work as co-host of Nickelodeon’s ‘Snick House’ and the host of its music-based “TEENick” programming block catapulted his career, leading to the making of his new, eponymous series.
Nick Cannon (‘Drumline’)
Sitting down, face-to-face with the talented young man, I first asked him why he had chosen ‘Drumline’ to be his first leading role? “When I read the script, it was an excellent script for whoever the person was to get the point. You get to be sad, happy, ecstatic, every emotion that I could play in this film. And the actual topic a lot of people don’t know about, you know, this so-called miracle. I thought it would be an honor for me to shed light on it. It wasn’t like all the other films I was reading. I HAD TO DO IT!” he certainly raises his voice.

Does nick cannon play the drum?

Does nick cannon play the drum?

You’ve played the drums before “Yeah, I think my playing drums on a regular drum set helped a little bit. But this was something different. You have to be an athlete to play in the marching band. You have 40 pounds of drums on you moving up the field. You have to count your steps and the dance moves. It’s a lot various than just sitting down and playing the drums.”
Is there a lot of excellent preparation?”Yes, there is a lot of training before the film started. About a month and a half before I was preparing four hours every day and then going home and preparing on the script for two hours. And once we started, I still had to make because I had to look better than all these professionals out there. The guy who was training me, I wouldn’t let him leave. He was with me 24 /7 making me happy!”

Rumour has it that you slept with your drumsticks tied to your hands !? “Oh yeah, when I first got down there. There’s a positive way when you’re in the marching band that you have to hold your drumsticks. I was holding it like two sticks, but when you’re playing the snare drum, you have to hold it between your two fingers and have them control it. It wouldn’t stay. One night I took the drumsticks and tied them to my hand and just went to sleep. When I woke up, I felt like I could get it. I had to get in that rut where I got used to it. We have battle wounds too. It wasn’t easy, but it paid off.”

Are the close-ups of just ‘hands’ still yours drumming? “Most of them, yeah. There was a view in the bedroom, that wasn’t me. I don’t think that’s because I couldn’t do it. I think it was too severe. I was trying to make it as much as I could without needing the extra guy. Well, the sound of the drum may not be me, but the look of it was me. They made sure every hit was accurate, and they moved it all around. For the film, we had pads on our drums so it wouldn’t make noise. But I had every takedown, and they added a lot.”


nick cannon wife, Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon knew his marriage to Mariah Carey was over because they were getting apart as a couple.
They left in 2014, and their divorce was finalized last year, as Mariah was planning to wed her now-ex-fiance James Packer.
Nick and Mariah have never opened up in detail about the causes behind their split, but on Thursday, Nick admitted they were no longer moving forward as a couple.
“I feel like when two people are in a relationship, it should be about growth,” he told U.S. TV host Wendy Williams. “It should be a position where everyone’s converting a better human being in the relationship.

nick cannon wife Mariah Carey

nick cannon wife Mariah Carey

“So when you get to a point where there’s no longer any growth, and you’re not improving each other… I felt like it was best, especially for our children, since they’re the number one priority if I could be the best human being and the best father from outside of that house.
Nick and Mariah, who are parents to five-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, have maintained a close relationship since their divorce, but Nick insists there’s no romance there anymore.
“There would be nothing wrong with that,” Cannon replied when Williams asked if he and his ex are still intimate, “but that’s not the case.
“There’s nothing but unconditional love there,” he continued. “I mean, she’s gorgeous but, you know, I’m respectful. I put the kids to bed, and I go home.”
Mariah became engaged to Australian billionaire Packer in January 2016, but they split in October. She subsequently carried on a relationship with her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, but they broke up earlier this year.
Cannon has questioned Carey’s relationship with Tanaka in the past, but he remains supportive of his ex-wife.

nick cannon wife mariah carey divorce

nick cannon wife Mariah Carey divorce

“I’m just there to support my children,” he added. “Whatever she wants to do with her personal life, I support her. I just want her to be happy.”
And she did the same for him after he recently welcomed son Golden ‘Sagon’ Cannon with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.

Nick Cannon recently said he would be happy to get married again to Mariah Carey, but he may not want to get his hopes up. While leaving lunch in Beverly Hills on Friday, TMZ asked Carey for her comments on the subject, and she did not hold back.
“Remarry? This is him making this up. He’s silly,” she said before the cameraman asked her if she liked the single life. “What is he, my last hope?”
Cannon was on T.I.’s podcast last month where he dropped the bomb and discussed the possibility of marriage in his future.
“Honestly, I said I would presumably never get married again because I’m still working on me and trying to become a better man. That’s what I said,” he said. “But if I had to, I already know what that’s like; I would go back home first before I had to do it again.”
He later cleared up the statement during an appearance on Ellen.
“You know Mariah; she’s fine and happy,” he said. “We have a marvelous co-parenting relationship [and] our kids are so happy. It’s calm waters — let’s just keep it that way. Keep it calm.”
Carey recently discussed rumors that she was a star on The Masked Singer, which is hosted by Cannon, and gave the perfect Mariah Carey acknowledgment.
Talking to Entertainment Tonight, she replied: “Bye, girl, bye!”

nick cannon money
Nick Cannon’s net worth is $50 Million. Cannon first entered the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian doing comedic appearances at a local cable access program. He also formed a rap group called ‘Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad’ with Steve Groves.
His rap group often acted as the opening act for famous artists, such as Will Smith and Montell Jordan. During his teens, he also played a variety of roles in the series ‘All That’ between 1998 and 2000.
In 2001, he signed as a solo artist with Jive Records and released his self-titled debut album in 2003. This highlighted the single ‘Your Pops Don’t Like Me ‘I Don’t Like This Dude)’.
Following his initial success in the music industry, Cannon decided to establish his record label in 2005, which he called ‘Can-I-Ball Records’. He wanted to self-produce his second album and released the single ‘Can I Live’ in 2005 supported by ‘Dime Piece’ in 2006.
These were assigned to be part of the album ‘Stages’, but that was never released because he became more focused on his career as an actor.

Some details about Nick Cannon girlfriend
Nick Cannon has a different view on relationships than most people. We’re sure many ladies will be trying to take him up on this because, in a recent interview, Nick spoke about his bond with his baby’s mother Brittany Bell, as well as Mariah Carey.
Of course, Mariah is pretty much set for life in terms of her finances. However, the entertainer noted that anybody that’s dating him is not required to have a job. He wants to be the sole earner for the family.

Nick Cannon girlfriend

Nick Cannon girlfriend

The comedian has been a guest on VladTV for a few different interviews this year, and each one has brought the headlines with it. Today, the fourth part of their discussion was uploaded where Cannon talks about his relationship with his baby mama, noting that he’s happy to present for the family.

Nick Cannon girlfriend

Nick Cannon girlfriend

When Nick said that he wants to be a “provider,” Vlad overreacted a little, saying that tons of women are about to slide into his DMs. The entertainer maintained by saying that he believes he was put onto this planet because he “loves taking care of women.” “Let me upgrade you,” said Nick.


Nick Cannon Nickelodeon – The Nick Cannon Show
On television, Cannon started as a teenage sketch comedian on All That, starring in its fifth and sixth seasons before going on to host The Nick Cannon Show in 2002, both on Nickelodeon. He, Lil’ Romeo, and 3LW did a cover version of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on the soundtrack for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Nick Cannon Nickelodeon

Nick Cannon Nickelodeon

He hosted an internet show on the Nickelodeon website called, Star Camp. When The Nick was relaunched as TeenNick in September 2009, he was named the Chairman of the network and the community and creative consultant. Thus, the hosts the network’s TeenNick HALO Awards and the music video countdown show, TeenNick Top 10. Cannon also became a spokesperson for Cartoon Network and produced a sketch-comedy series Incredible Crew.
THE first thing Nick Cannon does every morning is kiss his wife, Mariah Carey. Then come reflection and prayer, maybe a workout. After that, it’s the suit.

Nick Cannon Nickelodeon

Nick Cannon Nickelodeon

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find Mr. Cannon, former teenage comedy star and current would-be media royalty, wearing anything but, though sometimes he’ll take the jacket off. It was a three-piece number on a recent episode of the MTV Jams game show “Hood Fab,” on which he replied hip-hop trivia issues outside the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn.
In a shaky hand-held clip recently uploaded to his YouTube channel, he struts into a Best Buy, in suspenders, to buy ten copies of his wife’s new album, “one for each room in the house.”
And of course, he wore one to work on a Monday late last month when he met with officials at Nickelodeon, where he recently took on the post of chairman for the network’s TeenNick division.